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Kairos Foundations Academy is a classroom-based TK-5th grade program comprised of scholars willing to meet the challenges of a rigorous, integrated academic curriculum. The program offers moderate class sizes and a hands-on approach to learning, including design thinking, instructional technology, field experiences, community service, parent participation and a sports program. Scholars also take an active role in creating projects and reflecting on their own learning. We build a foundation for our young scholars to grow and flourish into leaders. 

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Kairos Leadership Academy 

is a classroom-based 6th-8th grade program dedicated to building upon the foundation laid in our Foundations Academy by creating opportunities for scholars to serve the community and grow in civic learning and engagement. 

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Kairos Innovative Scholars Program (KISP)

KISP is a non-classroom based program serving grades K-8 that provides families with the flexibility of homeschooling, under the supervision of a credentialed teacher. Scholars may attend enrichment workshops in the arts, science, music, writing, and hands on math. New classes are introduced each quarter, designed to challenge and broaden a scholar’s experiences. Whole school events, field trips, and clubs provide additional hands-on learning and social experiences for scholars. For more information, click here

Kairos Luminary Academy  will be a blended learning 9th-12th grade program comprised of scholars desiring to grow as entrepreuners to meet the challenges of the world. By building upon the skills developed in our Leadership Academy, this innovative academy is focused on creating opportunities for scholars to solve real-world problems and develop sustainable solutions.  

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