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Parent Advisory Council

The mission of PAC is to enhance the overall student learning experience by empowering and supporting KPSVA parents and school administration with assistance in planning, coordinating, and execution of school-related activities. 

  • Engage parents: encourage and increase family participation.

  • Participate in effective communication between parents and KPSVA teachers and administration.

  • Support school programs and activities through continued fund-raising.

  • Promote the welfare of our students in home, school, and community.

  • Foster a strong sense of community between home and school, so that parents and teachers may cooperate effectively in the education of our students.

  • Develop united efforts between staff, families, and the general public that will secure, for all students, the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education.

Contact the Board 

President - Amanda Cullinan

Vice President - Holly Poncy

Treasurer - Stephanie Coleman

Secretary - Jaime Runner

KISP Advisor- Larae Spady

Director of Affairs - Lisa Wolin

Board Member - Erica Ellis

General Questions

PAC Board Meetings 

PAC Meetings generally occur on the
2nd Wednesday of the month at 8:30 AM.

Meetings are held on an alternating schedule between the Elm campus and the KISP campus.

PAC meetings last about an hour and are a great way to connect with other parents as well as learn about school news and developments.  Kairos and KISP parents, grandparents, and guardians (feel free to bring younger siblings!) are always welcome to attend PAC meetings.

Meeting Minutes will be posted following the meeting date.

PAC Events and Announcements

So many fun events are coming up for

Kairos Public Schools this school year! 


We appreciate the support from all of our Kairos families. 


Next PAC Meeting will be held on the KISP Campus

  Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 at 8:30 AM

Next PAC event is the Annual Gold Key Event on Friday, April 19th

PAC Committees & Programs
Please feel free to reach out if you have questions!

Middle School Committee
Staff and Teacher Appreciation Committee (STAC)
Patriot Pals Program

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PAC Meeting Minutes 2023-2024

2.14.2024 - Meeting Minutes

3.13.2024 - Meeting Minutes

4.10.2024 - Meeting Minutes

5.8.2024 - Meeting Minutes

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