Short Term Independent Study

Parents/Guardians may make a signed written request for a STIS agreement for the student when the student will be absent from school due to an emergency, illness, family vacation, or other special circumstances. A scholar can do a short-term independent study if they miss 1-day or more for up to 10 days. This agreement allows the student to maintain academic progress without falling behind during the absence. For planned trips, we request you start the process 10 days in advance. For last minute emergency absences for sickness, doctors visits, dental, etc... you can follow the steps below. 


Planned Absence:  Contact the Main Office at 707-453-7234 and speak with Frankie. You will be emailed via Docusign a Short Term Independent Study Master Agreement. 


Unplanned Absence: The process can be started online or by contacting our main office at 707-453-7234 by 10:30 a.m. 


An Absence through STIS does not count against the scholars attendance record. We encourage you if you are going to have your scholar miss school for any reason, that you follow this process. Absences for unexcused reasons beyond the approved timeframe will be considered truant and will be treated as such. A student with an IEP can participate in the STIS program with an IEP amendment stating such and signed by parent/guardian.


All requests for a STIS agreement must be submitted to the Attendance Office (Ms. Tiffany) and approved by a KPSVA Administrator or designee.

The following applies to STIS agreements:

·   STIS agreements must be completed in advance.

·   Work assigned must be equal to classroom instructions.

·   Due date for assignments cannot extend beyond the day the student returns to the classroom.

·   After the due date, makeup work or completion of assignment(s) will not be accepted for attendance purposes.

·   Failure to complete the entire work packet upon return could result in the student being identified as truant.