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Scholar Ambassador Program

Scholar Ambassadors are specially trained to help fellow students solve problems such as arguments and school related stress. They also work to make our campus community a fun and positive place to learn.

A Scholar Ambassador is a...

• Mediator •

  • Help scholars experiencing problems come up with their own ideas for solving school-related conflicts

  • Be fair, and realize that the problems being recognize that the problem is not about personalities or taking sides

  • Be someone student can count on for support during problem solving

  • Use training received to apply personally and be a role model for others

• Leader •

  • Is a positive student inside and outside the classroom

  • Helps plan and lead school-wide functions (Student Orientation, Back-to-School Night, community service, etc.)

  • Educates fellow students about the program

  • Displays a high level of pride as a Kairos Patriot

  • Presents to various audiences throughout the year

• Collaborator •

  • Assists the school by giving ideas and providing feedback on school culture

  • Positively represents Kairos in the Vacaville and surrounding areas

How to Become a Scholar Ambassador...

Being a Kairos Scholar Ambassador is voluntary and not requirement. However, should you be selected as a Kairos Scholar Ambassador, you will be presented with additional opportunities to fulfill your 30 hours of community service.

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